Haters gonna hate

Tumblr story..
vikyvictim asked: do you have any friends? Dont get me wrong.. just asking : )

Drama-Uhm pardon me?… Do you think I don’t have friends because I’m on tumblr? Who gives a fuck.
That was actually rude. I have friends, thank you very much. I was hanging out with one yesterday. Now go away.

Drama-Posted: 4 minutes ago

Are people serious?
oh my god. how rude.

vikyvictim asked: WoooooW Chill.. My apologies, I thought it was an ask box

Drama-Chill? How rude can you be? Are you fucking retarded?
Yes, its an ask box, but it does not say “Ask ignorant questions, please” Unfollow me, please, I don’t want you as a follower. People like you disappoint me.

vikyvictim asked: well, just because of that I will follow you for eva :D

Drama-Or I can block you for eva :D

And I'm like... Bit*h... just because of this.. I got 3more followers!


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