Romeo and Juliet

Oh dear...
I think I'm getting old. I like weird old peoples generations music, old style wear even if I don't actually buy or have them... And now, I fell in love with old movies and old - good litherature.
Can this get any worse? No wonder why I don't have friends!
''O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?''
Sounds familiar?
Oh, yes. Good old theatre, and the one and only William Shakespeare. I went to a libeary and I rent his famous book ''Romeo And Juliet''.
That book is soo good. Many emotions... Feelings. LOVE.
Because my lil sis didin't understood what I was talking about I decided to show her the movie.
And I was crying probably the whole movie.
Gosh... The lead actor was Leonardo DiCaprio and some girl. But HE was amazing. This person really knows what he was doing. I was living that movie. And he was soo cute, thats why I could not take my eyes of him!

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Bästa filmen.... Det här året! **** Så bra den är!
Eller kanke inte. Men jag tyckte det iaf och man måste se den. Min syster som är 8år sa att den var bra. :3

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  1. Har du gjort din bakgrund själv? Den var ascoo, hah :)

    Skulle vara jättekul om du ville göra ett bloglovinbyte med mig! Säg bara till så lägger jag till dig :) Vill ha några extra bra bloggar att läsa nu till sommaren! :D


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