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"What the heck is a ball-joint doll?"

Asian ball-jointed dolls so called BJD is very popular.

A ball joint doll is exactly what it sounds like: a doll that has ball joints where humans have joints; (knees, elbow, waist, ect). This makes them very flexible and able to pose in very lifelike ways. Other dolls, even ones with flexible wire skeletons are not as articulated as a ball joint doll. Because of their unique design, ball joint dolls (or BJDs) can sit and stand unaided, and hold a variety of very human poses. Unlike a porcelain doll or Barbie, BJDs do not need a stand, but they are available. 

Don't they look cute? I want em' all!! Too bad that each one of these dolls cost more that 500$.

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  1. Svar
    1. yeah, id like to have one too, but they cost hell a lot of money ;O!


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