Battle with darkness

It's crazy that I live in 21 century where people have everything a human needs and more. But all the electronics merit took the ability from all of us to communicate with each others.
Well, not sure how about you but I sure miss the old the times when the trip to my granparents farm was more fun than anything else and playing outside with friends till 10pm was best spend time. Not to mention the movies we were watching. (Not like todays crap)
World and people were ''fresh''. Now... It's all about the money, sex and drugs.
I believe it's a rock star's life, or just an easy way out of this reality.
We don't need no world ending to make the end of our existence. People are getting dumber not smarter. There is no humanity. 21 century but people are still fighting over territories, oil and other good.
Gosh... I hate to feel like this. I'm getting older and with every year that comes. Starting to realize that I don't have time to sit around and nag about everything.  But then again, what do I do?

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