Harassment on the internet

Am I an aliean or what?

I have noticed how many online/keyboard fighters there is. Everyone is attacking me and my silly comments who's  not offending ANYONE btw on youtube, tumblr... You name it! I don't really understand what's the big deal with people. Is it wrong, that you actually have something to add when someone is talking? I mean... If we live in free world where everything says to be a ''democracy'' then why can't I speak without being harassed by some others?
And why is there always bystanders who will watch your ass being kicked, knowing that everything about it is wrong, but still watching it from far away with ignorance? I can't understand this world. Maybe I don't want to. It's too hard. I feel like I have the responsibility, to help out the others. Even if it mean that I'll be the loser who's ass gonna be kicked waaaayy harder than the ''guilty'' ones. But it makes me feel better, knowing that I stood up and did what is RIGHT!

So F*** you haters, I ain't goin down, but YOU will.

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