One of the best

Saw movie called ''My lai four''. I think is one of the best movies I've seen. At the beginning I was kind of annoyed by all the screaming. But then it gets better. One more reason why shouldn't people have right to use a gun. Even if they're soldiers. Sick, and most of all sad. I have to admit it make me cry a bit. And I don't do that. It's just... I can't even imagine something like that. Respect for those soldiers who found the straight to fight against. I guess the others didn't have enough of the balls to do that.
You should really see this movie. And if there is any problems to find it I can help.


IMPORTANT : DO NOT watch this movie with your class because you WILL cry. And if you don't want to see people dying, it is best for you not to know how are cruel people.

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