Our role model to - where?

For the love of Budha. PEOPLE just staph! What is going on. Are you retarded or somethin'?!
You might be thinking what the flower am I talking about. One name. Cara Delevingne.
Seriously? Why is she so famoust. Im still struggling with this question. All I know is that she's a model, McDonalds lover in other word just making fat people get more fatty  and then cry at night that they dont look like her. OPER YOUR EYES.
To me. She's a regular girl with arabic - like eyebrows. I have nothing against those sexy bushes is just that I dont see anything ''wow'' factor about it.
And even Harry Styles has fallen for her. Am I the only one who's anti about everything that looks stupid? People just buy anything they see on media.
Don't even try to say that you don't, because you will be lying to yourself. SHAME.

Any thoughts?
Mine is - Anytime I see people uploading a photo of her I want to punch somebody in there crotch. Anytime I see a tumblr blog uploading a pic of her... Unfollowed. FOR EVER.

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