If you are reading this. I love you, cuz you care

Sometimes, I feel so alone and sometimes all the attention I get is just too much. Now when I finally got new friends it’s too hard to understand and I'm waiting for them to leave me, because I'm used to this kind of shi.
Am i being paranoid? Probably. Is it bad? Don’t think so, because people come and leave every day.
I mean that’s totally cool with me since I don’t speak. I don’t speak at all. I can’t speak Swedish, because I sound like a duck that is being strangled. Ehen I talk english I get lost in words and at the end no one understands what I’m saying. The best way to provide all the awkward situations is just be invisible. 4 years. I became quite good it.

I'm done with this shit. From today I will try to talk with people who are nice to me and not faking it. All the time I spend to be someone I'm not just beacuse someone I like will be ok with my existence. It's fucked up.


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