Y u No be my friend?

It is really, really sad when you open yourself up, well not literally but still, when you get to know a person and think that he/she gets you. Like you get a really good feeling, and then suddenly that person disappears from your life just because you start to care about someone else.
It makes me sad. Like, I wanna talk to this person and clear the air, but Im not sure what to say, Im not sure if I understand this situation and if first of all - Im not even sure if we are were friends.
It's so fucked up, this whole situation. Why can't people just be supportive? I don't get it. It's not true that if I get a girl/boy-friend I will change. It's still me, and I try to make it equal for both sides.
Once again, the lesson has been taught.
Everytime you share your feelings with someone -- at the end they WILL wrip your heart out, and then walk away from your life. Sad truth.

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