Dont even bother... bla bla bla

Today was a freakin' awesome day!
I met this guy on the buss, and had my moments, like I always do because if I didn’t, something would be wrong with me. I believe he fell for what I did. Hilarious. And evil >;D I laughed so hard when I got of the buss, I hope that nobody saw that my face was all red.
Later on I had some plans, but nothing worked out as I planned because I had some homework left to do. And as I saw later... Good that I didn’t wasted my time on something people would no really give a shi about.
The more I waited for something to happen, the more depressed I became, and then I received a sad message from my friends, +all the stress about my Swedish speech in front the whole class. I was done. Alone in the corner, sitting on the sofa waiting... 

For better days? Or just the day finally to end. Good thing I have my BEST classmate My. She's like the only one who isn’t ignoring me. I respect her for that, and anytime she needs my help... I will be there.
Anyway, skip, skip skippin' all the boric facts.
And then we have my Swedish speech. A few words...
I'm the quiet one but I was ready this time since the last time I talked I got C because I was talking too silently and no one was able to hear me. well FAK that, I was half screaming this time and my 12 pages PowerPoint presentation took me 4.25min. Everyone was applauding and first time they asked me questions.

Btw I was talking about The Future -Cloning.
Best thing of all of it was that I beated another girl who was talking about cloning as well (she stole my theme, because the teacher told everyone NOT to copy others themes, I would say she sucked too, but she is just too nice person).

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