Hembakade Snickers

Jeezaaas. Nothing goes the way I plan it to be.
I had to bake something enough for 12 people. I had no idea what since those 12 people have already baked everything I can bake and its easy to do. Huh... I was not allowed to use milk products. SUCKS.
Decided to go with homemade snickers. And well...:

1.I had no products that I needed.
2.Called my mom to buyt them and now I had what I needed.
3.I had wrong products
4.Almost burned the microwave becauese I left the chocolate and some other stuff (that not supose to be ther) waaaay to long


I have to say. I does not look like snickers. Not at all. But it sure taste good. I hope that noone will like it so that everything comes back to mama! ;3

And btw... Met my B today and we went to a few shops. Had our lil talk. It was fun. I bought a nice H&M shirt.
She looks just like me.
I always wear jeans, and I'm a
brunette. Too bad I'm not that

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