Don't hate yourself because you aint me

Today was pretty much the highest point of this week. And yet, I know it's only tuesday. Me and my friend Evee met in Umeå city and went for shopping! After many hours of walking we went to a photo gallery (or some $hi) and it sukked, so we went for another tour around the city. I bought a nice pair of jeans, a face cream that I wanted to get for a long time now.
Other than that, other things happened as well, I'm just too tired to write it all down.

Took a few pictures of me trying on different clothes, to see what looks better on me. I leally like the orange skirt and jeans shirt, but I was dumb enough not to buy it and now I'm going to cry about it for a while.

And of course here is my beautiful lady Evee herself.

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