Game dependency -you're fakked

No more League of Legens
and no more Tera

Im free from games from now on. And I will do my best to stay that way. I always knew that all the gaming is bad. I fakked my grades because of it. And killed my social life (if I ever had one). NO MORE
There is only 24 hours a day and I spend most of the time gaming. One match takes about an hour to play. You just get lost on time. That's fakked.
I'd better focus on stuff that really matters. I know that I won't play games when I'll be in my 30's, but if I start something good  -now, I might enjoy it later and who know, it might get me something.

I still feel sad about leaving Vi. I like paying with her. She was a beast. Oh, well. It's all for the better. You have to start somewhere.

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