Worst concert or just nothing special?

''Jag har rätt...''
Was an event about children rights in Västerbotten (Sweden).
Therefor well know swedish artist Yohio came to Umeå. Let me say...
1.He was late.
2.You couldn't see him because he's very short and the stage was tiny as F.
3. If you did see him. You saw either his hair or his pink ''leather'' pants.

His performance was disappointing. He sang only 3 songs /1of them was growling the other 1, you couldn't even hear it. I catched a comment ''Maybe that's all he can''. Probbaly you're right, who ever said so.
The crowd was - old people with their kids on treir sholders screaming that they don't want to be there or that the music is too loud.
Later on Yohio was saying a speech about Children rights that ended up sounding like ''do whatever you want to do, just because you can. Don’t give a  F about anything''
Well said. Very. Especially when the audience was mainly 3years old kids.

No hate. No love. A bit respect for signing up T-shirts and poster, 2 hours straight. But still, dude, be more professional.

Photo from facebook :Jag har rätt

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