Hiding in space won't help

Tired. Empty. Sick.

That's how I felt for quite a while now. Not sure what’s wrong with me, but I just can’t see the joy anymore. Anything I try, see or whatever, that supposed to make me feel happy - it doesn’t. I don’t feel satisfied with how I look. I quit working-out, completely. Food lost it taste, and I just eat without realizing how much or when for that matter.
I don’t even care if anyone is reading this. Really, I just need to cope those few thoughts of mine somewhere, because I don’t bear with myself anymore. And if feeling like $hi isn’t enough, broken friendship will do just fine to make me feel a lot worse.
Why can’t folks understand that I don’t need pitty feelings for me from nobody? Leave me as you already left. I just hate when people abandon me and then tell me that they need me. Why the hell did you left me in the first place then? Get it in your head. Once a traitor is always a traitor and I don’t forget or forgive. NEVER. And don’t even push that J.Bieber bull$hi on me now. Never means NEVER to me. But if you want to be near me you better earn my respect. 

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