No one knows Because no one wants to Hear

So tired of everything - lies, hate, mistrust, fake friends, people in count, trying to fit in this society while I just want to scream and hit someone in the face, step on their head and then dance on their grave.Too bad I don't know how to hurt anyone because I've been hurt so many times and the way I felt, don't want anyone to feel the same way, go the same road.
Oh, how I wish I found someone who would listen to me, without me using my words and won't judge me just smile at me with that smile ''you will be fine'', won't make drama scenes and just be... with me. Maybe not right beside me. But still- with me. Maybe I've already found you, met you, seen you or heard you, but before we're ready for each other we have to find ourselves.Until then I'll keep on waiting and fighting.

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