Untill We meet Again

I know it's late and I should be sleeping but I can't. Whenever I close my eyes I see, I remember, I feel... I want more, but I know I can't, still, I cherish the memories we've shared and then I giggle all by myself. What is wrong with me?About 1800days. Can you believe it..? And you're still there for me no matter, day or night, supporting me. Thanks for everything, I wish I knew the way to show how much I care, but I can't, not yet. But you can see, Im trying?
p.s I know you like this band... So, I made a song list for you, I hope you like it. (dont take it to seriously, I just took some random songs, hopefully you've never heard ;p or just something to listen while you listening to me talking about my never ending problems when I get home) and I wish I used a CD but... I didn't because I'm lazy and anyways YouTube is reacheble everywhere. ;p

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  1. ChechenChewingCherry27 september 2013 09:36

    Hey ho! We demand:
    1. More blogs, and if possible vlogs more often.
    Its assbiting pain to wait 3-4 days for your vlogs, so make them on daily basis, or every second day if you are without much ideas, but do not be lazy not to post more than 3 days in line!!

    2. There is no second demand.

    3. More ideas and so in your blogs.

    This is guy named ChechenChewingCherry,
    not an actual account, just named not to be condused with that person who gave you advices and criticisms on your last blogs.
    Be cool, not spoiled ;)

    1. WHO ARE YOU, MATE?! (what do you mean ''we'' - there is an army? ;o)
      And there will be more vlogs! Maybe not as soon as you want, but just wait and see!
      >Many ideas but no time.< But since you had the courage to write something... >;D damn! ill try to do my best ;p


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