(ok... best day, so far, this week)
SVT-Tv4 ( ppl from Swedish tv) came to our school to interview a few people, me and a few of my classmates were filmed by ''Skolverket'' about ''Sex & Samlevnad''(basicly a lesson about sex and everything else that has something to do with it). Gawd.. It was so awkrawd I coulnt say a word, basicly I was giggling like a llama the intire time. Dont regret it! At least le me, was one of the brave ones, because no one wanted to be there in the first place cuz we were going to talk about SEX!!! (Omg.. sex? ;o wut is das? MAGIC)

(Ronja is taken as a hostage by TV4. YOU GO GURL. Awsum interview c; )

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