So. My English teacher told me that I have Lithuanian accent (wow, what news) and its a big deal, and acordin to her a reason why I cant get higher grade than C. And for that matter she said that Im yet... on the way to C. So, it means, you gave me E or D.
Bitch please, you cant see the difference between xx and XX (Im too mad to think), and I saw you using GoogleTranslate while correcting some kids work. Just because you lived in USA for a year means NUTHIN.
I have an accent? What about you? That ''French'' shi of yours makes me wanna puke.
And I googled all your information you gave us to work with, a few ''projects''. C'mon.... You stole everything from internet'o. Cant even write your own crap. MADA' FUDG.

concern about my future and how to bring people DAWN without getting myself in trouble

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