I Snitched just to Avoid Punching your Face into a Wall

I really need to know how to manage my temper.
Just like any other day... I almost got into fight, this time not with B's... More like, manly beasts! We (10people 7pedo bears and 3girls) had to discuss about Women and Men language and if there is such thing. Me...Arguing....with people... nope. I pissed about 3 people (judging how they razed their voice and their faces turned red during that epic moment) other didn’t talk much or wasn’t ready for the discussion, basically just talked crap like always.

Long talk, making it short. Guys started to ignore me and I had nothing else to do then just stfu. In the end of the class I told the teacher in front of everyone that people been avoiding my questions and ignoring me. And what I told about people being angry... Well, now they just wanted to crush me with their bare hands.
And I wuz leik

sukk on dat, nigga

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