Its Called ''Living''

omg. Everyone is moving on with their lives. How is it possible to forget the world and just re-do everything all over again, dis time wiz other ''players''. Old friends became a blank memory and new ones nowhere to be found. The place where Im living, if you can call it living and not just ''surviving'', is driving me crazy for more than five years and I dont know what to do.
Maybe the problem is me, or maybe the choices I made a few years ago.
Whatevz. I g2 live with what I have now and it's, not much. I need to get away from this madness, from these fake people and cold ass winter. I crave happiness, however , it scares me to walk alone.

Dont cry about my gifs. Wait a few more days until Im heathy again. THEN  u'll gonna cry cuz, I post too many pictures.

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