WARNING : POLITICS Putin vs. Obama

Aww... So there gon'be no war this time eather. Obama must be pissed off by now. I mean the guy tried different tactics on Putin to make him mad or turn other countries against Russia but nothing worked. And then all the sudden. -BOOM- Ukraine goes wild.
Once again mr. Barack Obama playing guardian savior.  What the heck! Rlly, DUDE, stay the F out of Europe and all the other countries.

1. Mr. B cant even take care of his own people and his ''McDonald's kingdom''.
2. Da F!? Is he Europe's sheriff or something from now on?
3. Whenever something is happening somewhere - he's gon be there. (Where was he when I had my birthday? Unfaithful B.)
4. He made sure that Osama bin Laden was dead. And now when al-Qaeda is out of his way the only thing is keeping him away from all the power is so called Puttler (Hittler+Putin= u get it? *tee-hee*).
5. Now look at Russia. They left the place with black sea in their hads. WHO HAZ DA POWAH NOW B?!

Im really into politics when it comes to things passionate about. oKe? 

(for those who dont understand.... Obama did everything he could do to get russians out of Ukraine. He did. Cuz Ukraine gave ''Crimea river'' to Russians)

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