How to Get Away With Cheating - I did it fo U

I'll tell you a story from todays lesson, a good one! And try to rank people from :

1.BEST behavior
5. WORST behavior

Three people, Margaretha, Hans and Olle are living on one side of the river and Peter, N Johan on the other side.
Margaretha want to get over the river to her boyfriend Petter, but she can't because this river is full with alligators and you pass it without being NOM NOM NOM by an aligator. Hans has a boat and she asks him if she could borrow it from him and he agreed, on one condition. She had to have sex with him. She was chocked and went to Olle, told him about Hans conditions and asked him for help but Olle said :
-I don't care. 
So, Margaretha accepts Hans terms and sleeps with him. She gets over the river with the boat to see Petter. Petter is trilled! However Margaretha cant hide anything from her love and she tells what happened. Petter gets mad and brakes up with Margaretha telling her
-I dont want to see you again!
Margaretha goes to Johan and tells him everything. He gets mad. ''Why the hell would Petter do such a thing when you did this for HIM!''. He goes to Petter to put some sense into his head, and he gets so bad that he abuses him.

So... Who's the bad guy here and who's the saint?

My class ''results''
(I was in group 4 but my voice was never heard... anyway I'm 100% with group 1. RED TEAM GO, GO, GO)

P.S Margaretha is a B.

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