Granatos Live Festival 2014

The line to the festival was insane. People had to wait 5h minimum. Not me though. I had no lugage with me so I kind of skipped the whole ''check'' point pocces, until I realised I had no ticked and that the ''guards'' will kick me out.
Anyhow, I went back and got this green festival bracelet.
Dont have lots of photos to share because I spent the whole day at the hospital, since Mi Boy blackout (the sun fried his brain).
Somehow we managed to get back and after blah blah blah, memories I dont need, - DubFx performence started. $hit bruh, he was the main singer, of the whole festival. John Newman can wipe my white a$$ with his pOp crap.
not my pic, all the pics I have, are the worst ones.
He also sang my fav song ''Senorita'' ¡¡!!waaaaaayyy!!¡¡

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