CHEATERS get caught

Today was a fuzzy day. I have lots of weight on my back and most of with pain in my *sun unreachable place*, because of school. Later on, I also have other things on my mind and nothing -fun. Starting to forget what FUN even means.
Had a rough morning and then I didn't do good on the test- at all. At least one chick was caught cheating and was suspended from the test. GOOD, im sick and tired of people always cheating. You know what makes me even angrier? Noone telling anything to anyone! Even A students cheat but they are more careful because they make other people tell them information they need. They dont get their hands dirty.

I study, do my best and get mostly C and then there are people who just google things on their phones and gets the same grade or even higher! Where's the justice when you need it? Judging by what is happening in USA and all around the world.. Nowhere to be seen.

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