Baby Food Tryout - Dinner Time

Yay! Im always super exited over food. Now it is time for BABY food. Feeling like a big baby already.
I got this package from LOPPI. So let's see what we have here...

Ekologiska majssnacks av majs och solrosolja - Organic corn snacks, made of corn and sunflower oil.
I cant tell you how good they are. Just mellts in my mouth, insane! Totally gonna buy it more than once. Basicly because it reminds me of my childhood memories and is a healthy snack.
Ekologisk fruktdryck med äppel- och päronsmak. Utan tillsatt socker. - Organic fruit drink with apple and pear flavor. No added sugar.
Oh! It's good! Really good! I dont like apples and I really dont like pears, but this fruit drink was very mild in taste and I liked it! Totally going to pick this juice box next time I'm looking for a drink in da cluub while everyone is getting wasted.
These are baby purees I got to try out and let me tell you... I almost cried so good these taste!
Although I did not enjoy nr3. It had that bitter taste. Smooth orange puree, with a taste of carrot, sweet potato, apple and parsnip might taste good but... meh..

In general it was fun to try new things.
It say :The products are organic and produced on ecological grounds with extra high standards of animal welfare, health, social responsibility and environmental impact.

10/10 to this package. Havent taste anything this... CLEAN in a long time.

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