Kvinnohistoriskt Museum -Feminist Conspiracy

Once again im on duty to find places worht the time to see.
This time I decided that I wanted to visit newbie ''kvinnohistoriskt museum'' -women museum.

I have to admit right away, - did not expect anything - much, since the entrance was free and this whole deal smelled a lot like feminist conspiracy.
However I was surprised! So called ''dark room'' was stocked with around 10 tellies and in everyscreen a different story about woman. You can imagine how I feel walking in the forest-like dark room with endless lightened path (the room was dark and its hard to see the exit, even though theyhad special exit door for people who didn't feel well and just wanted to get out of there ASAP). You could hear random voices coming from every corner of the room and once you start to listen you understand museum's theme.
I also highly recommend to visit this place if you dont understand what feminist is - after walking in the ''forest - you will be an expert.
Seeing young men walking around, being interested and taking their time to come here made me happy. This place is not for everyone. I dont want to brag about me being smart (everyone knows it already), but to understand - it requires for you to use your brain cells because :

''Wisdom without compassion feels no pain''

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