The End - I can See the Light - Oh thats Just Me

yes, grosse pic, a papper tampon is sticking out my nostrils, dont F'n LOOK!
No Im not on my period, and as much as I want to fantasize about fighting B's and rescuing the world - the truth is that my organism is - kaput=nicht veri gut.
I have never - ever in my entire life had a nosebleed before and now I've had it for a few days. This whole month I had no energy and was just really grumpy, annoyed by everyone and everything.
If my mom found out about me having health problems AGAIN (we had our ups and downs since I was a lil poop), she would freak out, and then crucify me for not telling and hiding the evidence.

But good mash
and even better company! Can take me trough the day.

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