The ones Who say they Care - They dont

In school - bunch of kids screaming to each other because they dont know how to talk civilized. At home its freaking ZOO rock band - non stop. THEN we have people who constantly on my nerves, writes when they only want or need something. And of course I have one friend that CARES about me but still gives me lessons about life, and I CANT TAKE IT!!!
At this point I would say -life sucks. But it is not life that sucks. It's me! Im too freaking weak. Shame! I used to be a lively person with dreams and ideas. And look at this peace of meat now.
My day's highpoint was 5seconds of a beutiful sky.
Can you all just be fakkin happy for once and leave me da F alone? Im dealing with my own $hi. Thank you for asking. Dont care? FINE. Then dont put in my face ''you're a bad friend, you're not supportive, you are so ignorant'' and so on. Because if you people are not there when I need you the most. Dont even dare to blame me for not being there when you're drowning.

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