The Truth is - Im a Angryzounorrus

SHORT overview of today :

1. I DONT HAVE SKIN CANCER And it took only 6month to get this information. *thanks swedish health care*
2. I found out that I should not tan because my skin is very thin and I could get a serious damage in the future (I already suffer from sun ''allergy'')
3. Feeling like I've overdone with school and dont have any energy left for myself. Tests upon the tests + me trying to score the highest points in everything = depression and *cry me a river* song marathon
4. Tomorrow I will have to take care of two students and im so nervous because I dont like ... interacting... with people. Whenever I think about them my biggest fear is that they are going to be arrogant 14 year old hubris.
5. I hate my english trainee teacher. I hate how fat african women smell. I hate small children.

Thats's all for now.

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