It Was Holy Bibles Fault!

This antiquarian bookshop is few steps from my bus stop, and curiosity what was in there was always drawing me there but that little safe bubble I was, and unfortunately, still - living in, did not let me change my daily routine.
However, this time those extra steps from my bus stop did not matter as much. And I glad I pushed myself a bit!
To me it was basically like step in the candy store and don't know where or what to let your eyes on because there are just too many great things in one place.
I confess for being a bookworm and more intellectual human being than most of y'all... Therefore I dont expect everyone to understand my passion for books and stories and blah blah bleeeh blaaeh...
Saw this flaming Bible, but did not want to get my hands dirty of all the lies... so I just kind of
Oh, look they have Walking Dead comics!

there were lots of old really rad books I would have loved to take home and nurse them, but I only had 10kr/1.20$/1€ on me.
''The (Im)Perfect Girlfriend By Lucy-Anne Holmes''. ----10kr TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!
I've read a similar book ''50 Ways to Find a Lover'' and the book was so hilarious I read it on my way to Spain... In fact I was much more eager to read the book when I had extra time than to travel around the Barcelona with my bullies (Spanish class trip).

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