excerpt from my life

Sorry for not being very active these days but there are things I can take control over and it becomes hard to ignore.
Im not the same happy, witty, random person anymore and it feels like a burden to me, to have this blog because im writing a blog to show myself that im doing something fun and my life is worth living, later will be worth to remember. But right now its not the case, and it super depressing to come and see the empty feed.
Cant put words into places and I cant explain why im feeling the way im feeling because my blog became open to everyone and some people do not respect the freedom of speech and tries to argue with me about my reality and my life. Ignorant, fake, skans.
I will try my best to find some joy and dont give up - for me. But i've been through the same problem for over a year now and its not getting better, even there were days I felt like things might turn out just fine.

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