LOPPISbag for Healthier life

Recieved my LOPPI box! So stocked to try out new products.
Eko-Müsli with swedish forest berries. Taste exatly as it says = amazing. However I have no problems with my stomach, so I found it a bit annoying to chew, but I dont like Müsli. Would offer to cook it with milk and then eat it but I wont have the same healthy effect.
 Friggs Chiafrö& havsalt riskakor (puffed rice cake) - taste sweet and salty -  both at the same time but I regret eating it with salami. I guess you just eat it alone without any side preparation?! Liked it, but something was missing, maybe something extra on top.
Castus -Dried fruit sticks! Best thing in the whole world at the moment! I'm always looking for a good rich with fiber snack during a brake and this is perfect! But WARNIND its not for everyobody. You have to like dried fruits!
All these vitamin goodies! So happy to have this opportunity to try them out because I wanted to buy something  that will help to keep me awake in school, - long time ago but Im too lazy and to cheap.

Blutsaft - its a floating vegetable iron supplements that contain iron and vitamins that are easily absorbed by the body and gentle to the stomach. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS. If you're a woman or just need to boost your energy, you have to have this, especially during or right after the winter.

KidsZoo - it is supposed to be vitamins for kids who don't eat enough vitamin rich food or just need a contribution. My little sister hated it. Im not a kid anymore but I cant say I enjoyed it either. There are much better tasting and much better vitamins.

Friggs SOCKERBALANS (sugar balance)- är sockerfria brustabletter med innehåll av krom som bidrar till att bibehålla normala blodsockernivåer. Den innehåller också vitamin C som bidrar till en normal energiomsättning.
It did help me and it taste good, but I should take it more seriously next time because chocolate taste is so much better!

Friggs blåbär & acai  <3The high fruit content gives the tea a smooth and full taste. The tea is free from caffeine and is therefore suitable to drink even in the evening.
 Taste a lot like TEA and i mean like a REAL tea and not something you pay $$$ because TV told you to.

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