My Day was Better than Your year

My first visit to Umeå university for information ''check up'' before choosing where to bury my life. 30 minutes of information did not help me very much, instead it made me question myself if im thinking right and not missing other opportunities Im not seeing.
Googled places located in my neighborhood and found this historical place! The lady who worked there was really nice but not nice enough to let me look around because they were closed.
Also found out that municipality wants to drink this place dont to build a psycho house and she looked so sad! I as was also hella sad because the building was old school cottage and it also super awesome stuff in it you wont see anywhere else because it so rare now, these modern days.
I'll have to come back again and check this place out. Too bad it is only open on Wednesdays 12-15.

p.s anyone wanna tag along?

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