Off to Space - Never Comin' Bac

Not the best picture quality, but that was not the point.
I call this fashion ''homeless spaceman nightmare''. They working staff explained that they could not afford a real costume that cost 45 mil $.
This became a tradition, to do something fun on my birthday, not just sit at home and make a huge fiesta out of my obsolescence to someone who will be unpleasant with this whole circus anyway.
Went to Umevatoriet where it was possible to sit down in total darkness and enjoy an amazing 3D adventure traveling across the universe. It was so chilly feeling and so much information - my head was overloaded with awesomeness!
After 30 minutes of this program I felt really small and pointless zero. My problems are worthless so am I. Should really think about my existence and how to squeeze maximum of it because once Im out - no one will even notice and since Im the creator of my own life, might as well take errything that I can from it - WHILE I CAN.

had this 4.5milliard year old (if I remember right) meteor in my hands, it was 100% iron and holy $hi it was heavy. = from now on im Iron Woman.
This would probably be the best valentines date ever. Just lay there and holding arms with someone, while looking at virtual stars in space makes you all warm inside! <3

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