Give it a Thought

Lets start off with me being a smartpants.

''Keep on doing the same thing - and hope for change.''

Here, I said it. Now I can live.
But really, how many of us are ready to change a LIVING STYLE just like that? It seems almost to bee impossible. Maybe the secret lies in a circle of people we spend our time with? In that case I spent my time on my laptop doing nothing. Easy to say - tomorrow is a new day, I will start fresh, but what stopping you by starting today and now?
Cant believe I wanted to be a psychiatrist, I mean I am capable to me a huge problem out of nothing, my patients would have been a bunch of suiciders.

Also these are the amazing products I got from LolliBlog!
Friggs Dark Chocolate rice cakes that I didn't really like. These are flour-free which means - they are healthy! But the chocolate makes my mouth feel sour afterwards.
And them of course my new favorite tea! TE + Sunlight is specially formulated to provide a supplement of vitamin D. How cool is that?! You know that you need vitamin D, to feel ''happy''? And this tea provides a quarter of the daily recommended intake of vitamin D!!! This is super important for people living in Sweden, since its cold and dark here most of the time and therefore can be depressed for no reason.
Not sure if this tea really works or if it is a cheap trick, but I'm not losing much because it smells REALLY good (if you like pineapple, orange, coconut and rose petals).

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