Lost my Job and Now Im Homeless

Here goes my boob job I always wanted. Just kidding, I wanted to make my buttox look more like Micky Min'ojz or what ever her name is, again, and now my dream booty is gone for ever... *teehee*
Google Adsense disabled my account which means I get no income from this blog what so ever. Not that I did get anything before, but I was hoping to receive a check along with my first pension.
Apparently, i did something, in fact they don't really know what, but I did something ''wrong'' and they cut me off, just like that.
I did not make this blog to get rich, it was not the thought when I first start blogging, but those extra dollars in my pocket would've made a change and could've helped me so much to improve my blogging.

EAT DIRT GOOGLE!!! and suck my würst

Can you imagine if this was my full time job and they took it from me? They kill at least a few blogers each year. Cold blooded bastards.

p.s if I get banned for speaking out loud because I have the right to do so......

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