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As said, me and mi Boi visited Västerbotten museum, it was a perfect spent time! Thought about making a post dedicated to this gigantic place, but most of the photos are low quality, and I would rather not trash my desktop.
Its becoming our ''ceremony'' to buy a futune cookie, everytime we go eat to a Chinese restaurant. These sugar cookies are tasty and also have wise words.
Cant wait to visit other epic places, and get to know more things about history and whatever - as long as its interesting. And its always interesting - if you want it to be.

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  1. Spännande!

    Sv; Vilken menar du? Den i inlägget är uppenbarligen bra eftersom det varit en favorit, men det är ju också en nattkräm som är lite fetare. Tänker du på någon särskild?


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