My Beauty Kit

Pretty much everything that could be put on my face to make me extra flawless. A few days before, found these BABY SKIN primers, and since I've never used one before, and could not choose which one I liked more, I took them both!
For those who are thinking about buying it, buy the orange one because it smells nice and does much more than the other one.
Also bought my first makeup sponge that blends in my foundation, perfectly!! Before I had it, my fingers were my only tool, but those days are gone, because this sponge is a miracle! It makes my skin look smooth, and even if I dont have big pores, it covers perfectly whatever needs to be covered.

-using fingers to blend out foundation, makes it faster
+using sponge makes your makeup look more professional/natural

I wish I had baby skin like other girls have... Too bad they dont know it and covers perfection with lies.

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  1. Vart köpte du BabySkin och Makeup Sponge?

    1. Hej, Kerstin! :p Jag köpte BabySkin från H&M och Sponge från


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