Tighten The F@!k Up

Fist lesson was a good way to start my day after taking wrong bus to school... *nothing new, -face-* My teacher is having twins, or they are still in the belly but our teacher is super huge and cant be with us anymore, so we have a substitute teacher, and since he don't have lots of free time, instead of 2 lesson per week we only have 1... guess what that means!! every Wednesday 5hours of doing nothing! yay (i have 1 morning lesson and then I have to wait 5 hours for my last lesson)!
guessing that means I will totallz go and visit all the museums in ze town!
Later I had a job interview and while waiting for my turn I was battling with my morals, not to steal these oranges. You have no idea how hard it was!
Not to brag, but I think I've got the job! The girl that interviewed me wanted to hire me the same day, but I still have to go trough courses and later prove to the working staff that I can handle my job!
Feeling so damn proud of my lazy a$$

p.s my boss is a young smexy lady, and it was so akward to look at her because she was such a beauty and i just wanted to giggle  the intire time, good thing im used to hiding my feelings. She was also the youngest ''crew'' member and had good humor!

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