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Been working on my wikipedia article for a while now and Im still not done. Need to find someone who can check it out for spelling problems etc, but it could be a problem to find someone sweet enought to be willing to help me out.
Also I have other things on my mind - constantly! Too bad i cant tell what i've been up to, cuz if i wont succeed i dont need finger to be pointed at me. Gosh!! Only a few more weeks left and im done with highschool drama- next step, would be university although i dont know what I want to be and it makes me go mental crazy-YO.
Would much rather take a year off and just chill or travel/work, but I cant afford to lose another year, since i've already lost a full year on learning swedish and I was forced to go to A FREAKIN kindergarden wiz kidz for a few years - dont want it no mo.

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