Dont Ask If You Dont Want to Know the Answer

Had a couple of questions stuck in my head for a while now... When do you know it's enough? Do you get a feeling? Maybe, a sign from upper powers? Or things/feelings becomes so melancholic that everything fades and then there is nothing else to bother about, - because there is apsolutely nothing left...
Eitherway, we will live and we will see. The only thing I KNOW is that im reaching my limit and I'll be done with everything really soon. If it is about to happen, dont worry, -If it ment to be I will be back, bloging as usual or just like good old days, I will delete my trace from internet because im soooo tired and feel the need to star over! Starting with - putting aside everything that weights me down.

But untill then, I'll smile and act like everything is awKey, who cares anyway, right?

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