New LvL of Boring

My morning stress ruitin started at 9 am trying to pass my math exam. The results will be published tomorrow, but I know already it did not go well for me. Feeling kind of bummed because i did try to study, even if I know i did not try as hard as the others and being a slacker for a whole year - I did care to to pass my class! Fingers crossed that I will! Albert Einstein was called stupid nolifer and look at him now! Not the fact that he's dead, but what he achieved once someone believed in him!
Also, I captured this magnificent moment! People NEVER believe me when I tell how cold and and unsocial swedes can be - and here ya go! (no one is sitting in pairs - EVER - mostly ''friends'' chooses to ditch each other as well)
But the weather was so good! Also everything finally started to bloom, it's so sad that blooming season is only for few days not like in other countries where you can actually watch and enjoy it.
And finally! Maybe not internet's most appetizing picture, but it's healthy quorn+beans vegan dish I made to cheer myself with!

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