Robots And Clowns on The Podium

Nothing EVER happens in our school, or mostly Viky falls asleep behind her laptop and forgets that other people exist, or what's going on. Anywhoozie, there was a ''(scraggly)hair show'' that obviously focused on makeup and clothes - anything apart from hair.
Probably the best part of it all was when people got a little bit irritated by the fact that Mirdgårdschool students were modeling. And then ofc my comments that made it a bit worse ''Did Dragonschool did not have enough girls, that THOSE .... people... had to come here''.
I have nothing against Midgård (ART *with rainbows, pink butterflies and singing people on every corner* school), but I just hate the reality. Their school have better school spirit than my school does or ever will have, also, the fact that they are taking over our school.... *heavy breathing*
But damn those gurls were smoking!

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