Try to Understand Before Talking

Gosh! Morning started more or less good! Had a moment for a while, but then I realised that no matter what happens either I chose to move on or feel bad about my life and hold the grudge. Had my last mathematics lesson before my last chance of saving my math grades, and believe me or not, it went good! Had lunch with my friends - probably for the last time. And went for a walk with a friend! Its mothers day on sunday and there were people at the mall giving roses to everyone (so that they can congratulate their mothers), but my rose was dead and I had to leave it att he bus stop for someone else to have a blast. I saw a young girl picking it up i was sitting in the bus.
In the bus, a man in his 50s took a seat next to me. I've seen this man before, he used to scare me because he looks like a spy/slender man, since he always wear glasses and is extreme tall and skinny. I knew he was blind and that he never spoke to anyone. The man and his personal assistant were talking about books and MOVIES, and I was so amazed by how he talked... The language was very well constructed and with huge enthusiasm! His personal assistant was clearly a homosexual, and they were like best buddies! Don't know what exactly caught my attention, but sometimes people with vision, are the only one who are blind.

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