Chapter :Adult Reality - The beginning

When you're home alone and you can do anything... Gosh, the apartment feels so empty, good thing that my doggy keeps me company. Wearing my boyfriends shirt also helps mucho grande <3
But im still a grumpy cat because I came home late, my body aches and DAMN I want to go to sleep, but I cant let the whole free time just go to waste. Don't remember the last time I wore makeup. Feels relaxing because my beauty sleep can be longer and also scary since nobody really cares how I look and people don't even notice me - welcome to the real life.

How I would love to go somewhere, and see something, do something, but when I get back home, everything is closed. I'd even go to a strip club just to do something random, but there is no *viky's humor - only viky understands*.

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