Så trött har jag inte varit på flera år - Let Me Be FREE from all the weight

Feels good when things goes as planned! Finally found a matching shirt to my dress - for prom, so that me and MiBoi would match. Also had had my training occasion for 4hours, and its nothing I enjoy doing, but HAVE to do. Good thing is that only one more education moment left and then I can finally chillax for a while. For some reason i feel a bit bumbed out, everyone is drinking and having fun in their way, meaning, drinking alcohol in order to have fun, and I feel very secluded because of my un-participation! I've been invied to so many parties and i decline all of them. Maybe times when people coulf've relaxe and have a good time withought any drugs what so ever - are gone. Or maybe im just boring! Well, not changing myself for anybody or anything - not if I dont feel like doing it. The only important thing lft to do is to get up tomorrow and not to miss my bus so that I can return my laptop to school in order to avoid recieving a fine.

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