The Perks of Home Spa

Im buzzing for Veet Home Spawax campaign and let me tell you, how excited I was! Until this moment I've never tried waxing and looked at it as an agony filled, torturous way, of getting smooth, silky legs.
This is all you need for your very own Home Spa! Sweet.
These little wax coins smells amazing! The whole hocus-pocus of waxing took place in my room, and the whole apartment had a divine scent afterwards. However it was impossible to cut a piece from one of the waxing coins just to try it out, and I had to mells the whole thing.
Even though the smell was amazing, it was hard to master how does this thing works and I got wax all over it!
After trying it out, now I know that its very important to read the instructions BEFORE doing anything else. The wax has to be orange peel thick layer, and you need to smear it against the hair grow. Once you've done that, wait for it to cool and then let the horror begin... Just kidding! If you've done everything right, it won't hurt, just dont be a sissy ant pull that wax off at once.

Lily and sugar fig scene made the whole waxing experience little more pleasant, yet im not the ''waxing girl'' type, because it does hurt and I have a very low pain tolerance. For others who does like waxing and are looking for a way of saving some money, it is a great deal!
As for ''how effective it is'', it does not stand out from other waxing products and definitely does its job of keeping baby smooth legs for summer show time!

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