Schedules are not my thing, or at least not living by them. Filmed a simple youtube into, OR SO I THOUGHT I DID.
Tried out a new foundation and it was a bit darker than my skin tone, but I thought that it won't show up as a mask on camera - well, I guessed wrong, because it looked like I had chocolate cake mashed in my face. Dont believe me?!
Looking a bit weird but not eerie enough to be noticed.
How about now?! Im dying inside. I may be not so obvious but holy cow it looked hysterically funny whenever I saw myself on camera!
What's done is done, there is nothing more to do than to than just edit a video with what I have, since I won't be perfect or the way I want it anyway. Whenever trying so hard to fit the ''perfect '' category, I end up looking like an unbaked cake.

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