Its all about MEEEEEE

When I'm in a bad mood or something in my life just does not seem to be right, i try to understand why those things are happening to me and why it's so hard to deal with them. I believe that people live up to their zodiac horoscopes, and I definitely live up to mine. Makes me feel a bit better, once I read the comment where people tell their stories, that are not so far off from mine.

Being unique comes with a price. A HIGH ONE.

btw, I also thinking about making my blog private, or with a password, I will give out if I feel like doing it, because I can't take the pressure of the comments I get. Or in my personal life when I get in an argument and THAT PERSON brings something from my blog. Like, lilFart... why the hell are you reading it?! And why I'm still talking to you?!
As I wrote about it, many times before, this blog is MINE, about MY life, and MY everything. Don't put words in my mouth, and don't make my blog post from 2012 your basic evidence or whatever, in our argument.
Basically, my life is a huge mayhem right now, and for the people, who know how I feel emotionally, instead of making me feel better, in order to recover, - do their best to make me feel even worse and then freaking, TEACH ME how to live... Nah... I have a huge urge to delete EVERYTHING from the internet. Cream everything from the cybernetic surface, since I'm so stressed out, and I know that I cant take a break and come back all together. Either I need to stop everything and then redo. Or keep on doing what Im doing, until I can take it anymore.

And for those who do not understand what I'm blabbing about - you're not the only one. That's why I'm writing this. Because no one ever understands me, instead, tries to put the blame on me rather than being a friend or just a human and try to understand.

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